Shining Swan © Colin Tracy
Sunset on Chesil Beach © Phil Matthews
Poppies at Poundbury © Colin Tracy
Chesil Beach and Portland from Abbotsbury © Phil Matthews
Power of the sea West Dorset Coast © Colin Tracy
Leaves at Abbotsbury Gardens © Phil Matthews
Blue Butterfly © Colin Tracy
The beach and cliffs at West Bay © Phil Matthews
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Dorset News

Here’s to a great 2014!

January 8th 2014

Linda Harker Glass and Ceramics Artist

So Happy New Year to all you lovers of the artisan made food and crafts! And for that matter all you artisans.

So the shop is up and running and we are open for membership for the New Year. So if you would like to join us, and combine marketing your most excellent products with other artisans, with the opportunity to sell online, please get in touch.

Why Artisan? Well, it is the only word I can find that sums up the purpose of the Dorset Shop. To make it easy to buy things made in Dorset, to support the small business/sole trader (like me) who makes things, great things, on a small scale. Artisans, for me, are makers who are passionate about what they make and are skilled in what they do. The photographer who takes his time, to mindfully take the best picture he can, the jewellery maker who will hammer out silver to a wafer thin leaf by hand, just because it will move better when worn as an earring. The cheese-maker whose joy is to make the best goats cheese in small amounts and experiment with flavour and texture. The cookery writer and teacher who will travel to Marrakesh for inspiration and then brag about the quality of Dorset food producers.

All that passion to create beautiful things to share with other people.

So here’s to the artisans of Dorset! Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

(Any excuse for another toast)

Chris. January 2014

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